We Don’t Always Get to Say Goodbye

In 1989 — as if you couldn’t tell from the photo — the Westport Y Water Wrats had a two-week-long exchange program with the Södertörns Simsällskaps. Stacey, ever fashionable and wearing what appear to be coveted Z. Cavariccis, is in the first row, second from left. Kathy, Melanie and I are to her left. Photo credit: I think my mother, Jane Vance.

It Should be Okay to Care

Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash

An Expat’s Love Note to America

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one sums up the different feelings my husband and I had about moving to Germany. Also, I had bangs. Photo credit Jane Vance, my mother, who also happens to be an amazing gift-giver as evidenced by these going away presents.

Privilege is Invisible, but Only if You Have It

Where we didn’t watch any of this year’s Oscar nominated films. Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

My Thoughts on the Eve of Your First Management Position

Picture from a time when I wasn’t afraid to get on a horse. Five years ago, while on a team building event (which, to be clear, I organized), I fell off a horse and broke my back. My leadership journey has been full of times when I fell off the proverbial horse, and like the saying, I’ve dusted myself off and gotten back on. Photo courtesy of my mother.

Using a Fake Holiday to Say Some of the Important Things

My sister and brothers, smiling at the camera, while I smile at my brother’s head. Photo courtesy of my parents.

Please Resist the Urge to Rub it in My Face Now

7 April 2020 > 7 April 2021. Photo Credit Chris Summers (L) and me (R).

Reflections After a Month of Alumni Interviews

My high school graduation. Photo credit one of my parents, I assume.

Hopefully the Final Chapter of Pandemic Hair

March 2020. May 2020. January 2021. Photo credits Chris Summers.

Kerry Summers

American living in Nürnberg, Germany. I write about expat life, culture, leadership and marketing.

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